Ula-Lee is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and song writer from London.

​Ula decribes her music as avant-guard 'grit rock' having coined the name in  2015 .

A mix-media artist working with video, illustration and music.  

" After graduating from art school I realise I didn't have to stick to one creative  outlet and instead decided to incorporate my music and visual arts projects." Ula-Lee

Having worked with many artists including Jonas Golland, drummer of the Tiger Lillies and Emmy award winning composer and former bassist for the Water Boys and Julian Lennon Martyn Swain.

 "I enjoy remaining open to collaboration with various  artists. It allows more creative opportunity as a  posed to being tied down to one band.  I have had the opportunity to work with some great artists." Ula-Lee

Ula-Lee is currently preparing her UK and US Tour.  Check for California dates soon.